When we started this journey, I was excited at the prospect of what a difference and positive
change we could bring to a town for my son, so that he could walk into a shop and staff would be
educated and understand that he needed some extra help. That he could participate in events,
sports and social activities that his sisters did so easily”.

Aideen Quinn
SAFT Volunteer Coordinator

Skerries Autism Friendly Town launched in November 2019 under the framework of the AsIam
charity. We are a steering committee that consists of 11 people, some are parents who have
children on the Autism spectrum and others are volunteer members who are advocates for change
and inclusivity.

We were inspired to see what Clonakilty has achieved, when they were awarded their accreditation
as the First Autism Friendly Town in Ireland. We believed the framework would work well in any
community with the common goal of building awareness and education, to become a better place
for those living with autism, so that they can be empowered to play an inclusive part in their own

During the four months after our launch we ran a number of events and initiated a number of
projects, but with Covid and level 5 restrictions we have been unable to push forward with many of
our plans.

Some of the projects include:

  • Running inclusive sports and activities including summer camp programmes.
  • Liaising with the local council to help provide areas in our community that have sensory
  • Retail & business training and work experience placements
  • Healthcare & public service initiatives
  • Many volunteers came forward including wonderful local SNA’s, teachers and professionals
    to help and assist us with programmes and initiatives and support us in events.

We as parents absolutely support that education is paramount to our children with some of the
parents on the committee still waiting for services and school places for their children. Others on our
committee are involved with educational committees advocating for improvements and change.

We are not there yet, but we would like your help and support in getting there. We all have different
voices and opinions, but we all have one common goal to make things better. Why not help us with
this initiative and we can all help to make this town better for our children and their future.

We came together as a group to help create a community that helps parents support each other. In
a world where we ask for kindness for our children, surely we can work together so we can achieve
better things for our community”.

Aideen Quinn
SAFT Volunteer Coordinator